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Karen Ann is a Welsh Country Music singer. She has been performing and recording songs for many years. With her late husband, Arthur Wyn, she formed the popular duo Môn-Heli and together they released three CD albums: Rhown Y Byd, Fy Ngalw'n ôl, and Y Llythyr. These albums contain many original Welsh songs including Caru dy garu di and Haf yn fy nghalon.

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After Arthur's death in 2006, Karen began singing with their daughter, Sioned Mair, and in 2009 Môn-Heli , now a mother-daughter duo, released an album called Heno. In 2017 Karen teamed up with Gari Jones, forming Harmoneli, and the two released an album that year called O'r Galon.

Now, for the first time, Karen has recorded a solo album. The album includes four original songs and a Welsh version, translated by Arthur but never before recorded, of Kris Kristofferson's classic country song Help Me Make It Through The Night.



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